Welcome to LMXPro.com

Welcome to LMXPro.com

LMXPro.com refers to the leadership concept “leader-member exchange” shortened to LMX. We host Five Star Leadership® a program development group designing and delivering cost-effective leadership learning. The programs, articles, seminars, and presentations are all based on the science of one-on-one leadership that is the LMX relationship.

From our research backing our programs, we write articles, books, and workshops that are deliverable to you for your education and use. Some are free, some have a nominal charge. Same with our programs when we deliver them for organizations.

We are part of the nonprofit Oahu Adventures Foundation, inc. Visit them at oafound.org - they love donations. Browse this website for articles and other downloads. Send us a message if you have a comment or question. Visit the store for discounted books and other works – the catalog changes regularly as we revise content.

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