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June 6. General Session. Pershing Management Discussion.

Lisa Dolly, Chief Executive Officer, Pershing and Jim Crowley, Chief Operating Officer, Pershing were very candid about the purpose of Pershing and how they go about leading the organization towards that purpose. One interesting fact is that Lisa and Jim share an office. I don’t know how they decide whose turn it is to get coffee, but the cultural marker of this is significant. Note that throughout the conference as I had informal discussions with Pershing executives and line-employees this idea of shared responsibility made real by the shared space permeates. Everyone was working in the same direction: how can they help their client firms succeed? As Jim noted, you have “transparency and accountability when you share an office.” Jim mentioned some key tools for firms such as Salesforce integration using the CRM seamlessly to serve firm clients through data integration and communication.

MoneyGuidePro likewise is fully integrated for planning and report generation with NetX360® updating data real-time. The goal is to have NetX360® morph to NetXWealth to “pull in all tools… to do the work with managed investments.  We will have It built on a client-centric model.” Client-centric is important as that is how firms visualize their business, by client not by account.

Lisa explained that “using data to create better user experience” is the future. Using the client data at Pershing provides the power to “create a better user experience… Self-service was an important concept to deliver… (it) allows control to be in the hands of the user.” Pershing is guided by the reality that many clients want control in their own hands for many activities. This is good for firms as well as it frees their staff time to concentrate on delivering intellectual capital that enhances the relationship. All-in-all an impressive leadership team hitting on many of the qualities associated with positive organizational outcomes. Jim Comey was next on.  Stay tuned.

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