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Dissertation: Implementing leader relations-oriented behaviors to lower turnover by improving leader-member exchange quality

Dissertation Abstract:  Voluntary employee turnover (VET) and its antecedents are costly to sales organizations. These costs are direct hard-dollar outlays and indirect organizational costs. Effective management should find ways to reduce turnover and its antecedents. One way to do this is to affect leader-member exchange quality (LMX) as high-quality LMX is associated with lower VET. Leaders should work to increase LMX quality with each of their team members. Five specific leader-behaviors correlate positively to LMX. These behaviors are consulting, delegating, developing, rewarding, and supporting. Sales leaders who want to lower VET while decreasing member dysfunctional activities can develop these five behaviors in themselves to this. This paper shows how this can be done through tactical implantation of a change plan.

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Saturday, 04 April 2020
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