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How Successful Teams Work PDF Download

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188 pages This is the PDF version.  Also available in the Catalog as a Kindle file.Any business environment is a team sport, but too many manager-employee collaborations ignore the fact that one-on-one is where the leadership magic happens. To build great relationships and produce incredible results, you need to create high-quality, give-and-take partnerships. 

In How Successful Teams Work, David F. Smith, PhD combines his extensive sales career experience with current scientific leadership research to show you how to achieve business success by applying the concepts of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) theory. Smith presents managers with five behaviors--Inclusion, Respecting, Rewarding, Improvement, and Modeling--to become effective, inspiring team leaders, while also demonstrating three themes that team members can focus on to help bolster and enhance collaborative efforts. 

Whether you're a team leader looking for better, faster results or a team member hoping to improve your work life and career, How Successful Teams Work will help you build synergistic, transformational relationships that will take your professional game to the next level.

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