FREE gift! Eagle Scout Book ePub Version

Hello, Scouts and Scouters! And Parents, too! I wrote this book a couple of years ago and then got busy with other things so I now want to get it out there. Below is a PDF of the first chapter if you are interested in seeing what the book is about. Below is a link to download an ePub version of the book for FREE as my holiday gift to you and your Eagles. If you do not have an ePub reader (and you probably do, but not know it...) search for one on the web or in app stores.

If you want a Kindle or Full Color Paperback,  you can get these on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3VpjC0Z .

For the ePub version, download the zip file below, unzip it,  and change the extension from "bak" to "epub".

2.5 mb
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