Job Crafting: JMPM Article from David Smith, Ph.D.


Medical practices have many job functions with team members filling one or more depending on their skills and the needs of the organization. Job design is a management function to meet the organization's needs which is important but ignores the personal needs of employees. Job crafting describes how a leader and team members meet the functional needs and also consider what is important to each team member. Employees can be motivated to perform better if they have some control over their work environment and content, especially if they see the importance to their internal or external customers of what they do. Crafting can begin during a performance review to agree on changes that could be made. Sometimes changes are made to modify dysfunctional behavior, make a job more fulfilling, and allow a team member to improve and grow to be more valuable to the organization. As with any change, leadership skills must be applied to create and maintain a trusting environment.

David F. Smith, Ph.D., Director of Research, Five Star Leadership®, Oahu Adventures Foundation, Inc. Author of How Successful Teams Work: What science says about Leadership and high-performance teamwork

The Journal of Medical Practice Management®, Volume 38, Number 2, pages 71-73, Copyright 2022, American Association for Physician Leadership®, 800-562-8088, www.physicianleaders.org

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