Millennial Madness

Millennial Madness

By David F. Smith, Ph.D.

Summary:Millennial employees have general characteristics that leaders must stay aware of and manage to in order to have a productive, efficient, and effective workplace. This article discusses those characteristics in terms of leadership style, leadership habits, and teamwork. A PDF of the full article is available.  More information about Millennial leadership. both as leaders and team members, including the book "can be found on the catalog.tab.

At the advisor conference iNSITE 2018 put on by Pershing, an experienced panel discussed leadership of millennials in a session titled "Train, Retain and Transform the Most Valuable Asset of Your Success Model: People!" Moderated by Morgan Vazquez of BNY Mellon, the panel included Dayna Ingoglia of Pershing, Shawn Quant of Piper Jaffray, and Terri Walsh from Seminole State College. Much has been written about how the Millennial Generation (born 1981-1996) communicates, acts, and thinks.

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