Five Ways to Use Inclusion Behavior to Avoid Practice Management Headaches

Inclusion behavior is a leader behavior that can improve team effectiveness and process efficiency. Leadership research has determined that the one-on-one relationship between a team leader and each team member is critical to team success. Successful outcomes are associated with specific leadership behaviors. Leaders can exhibit five specific behaviors that positively affect the relationship between the leader and their team member. This relationship, leader–member exchange, is central to many leadership theories. Inclusion behavior is an important learnable behavior a leader can use to improve team effectiveness, leading to efficient processes. This article describes that behavior and five ways it can be implemented to achieve greater organizational success.  Full Article Below.

Reprinted with Permission from The Journal of Medical Practice Management®, Volume 34, Number 4, pages 239-242, Copyright 2019, Greenbranch Publishing, (800) 933-3711; www.greenbranch.com

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