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SCOUTING YOUR WAY TO THE BEST COLLEGES: When “Eagling-out” leads to “Eagling-in”

Scouting Your Way to the Best Colleges: When "Eagling-out" leads to "Eagling-in" fellow Eagle David F. Smith, Phd is a guidebook to assist Eagle (and other) Scouts use their great Scouting experiences to better present themselves to the admissions committees of the best colleges. David applied to and was accepted by Harvard - he made extensive...

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Reverse Mentoring Revisited

Reverse Mentoring Reverse mentoring is a leadership development program that pairs senior executives with younger (much) employees so that the senior member is mentored by the younger to foster an understanding of how the younger generation of employees thinks and acts. It is also a great way for the senior member to learn about social media, deman...

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Promoting Improvement as a Leadership Behavior

Promoting Improvement: A Key to Teamwork Excellence by David F. Smith, Ph.D., CFP® in the Journal of Financial Planning - July 2018 Providing great service to clients is critical for CFP® practitioner firms to succeed. Perhaps it goes without saying that having team members get better at what they do leads to excellence, but there is much more to "...

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Are They Thinking of Quitting?

Are They Thinking of Quitting? By David F. Smith, PhD in the Journal of Financial Planning - April 2018 Yes. Leadership studies find that each employed person has a degree of what is called voluntary termination intention (VTI) and CFP® firms are not immune to this employee characteristic. VTI came up during table-talk at an FPA® Chapter meeting: "...

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Keeping Your Best Staff using Leadership Behaviors

Five key leader behaviors that keep your best staff on your team By David F. Smith, PhD (unpublished) Every person in medical practice, including the physician-owner, medical director, office manager, lab technicians—everyone—has some thought of quitting their work. The thoughts may be pervasive or momentary, and action may be imminent or a "me – n...

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Think "Inclusion" to Build Teamwork

Think "Inclusion" to Build Teamwork by David F. Smith, Ph.D., CFP®  Journal of Financial Planning – February 2018 GETTING THE RIGHT work done the right way is crucial to every financial planning practice—and it requires teamwork. A practice leader, office manager, or lead planner who builds a high-quality social exchange relationship with each...

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Leadership Behaviors that Matter

Understand the Behaviors of Leaders and Team Members to Improve Your Organization by David F. Smith, Ph.D., CFP® Journal of Financial Planning - January 2018 RESEARCH ON EFFECTIVE leadership shows that applying five specific leadership behaviors when working with each team member will improve your organization. Research also shows that team members...

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For Leaders Only workshop

This program for leaders is a workshop series comprised of an initial day, an advanced day, and a maintenance day. The initial day establishes the baseline, goals, and growth plans for the participant. The advanced day comes a few months later to review progress, set new goals, and make new plans. The maintenance day is a session for coaching on sp...

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It Takes Two workshop

If you are not yet a team leader, there is a workshop designed for those interested in learning about leadership and allows participants to develop capabilities for working with their supervisor/manager/team-leader. "It takes two to Tango" and both leader and follower benefit from our research as applied in our workshop. This is a one day workshop ...

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The Five Star workshop

If you are an experienced leader and want to sharpen your leader-behavior skills, then this is a great workshop. The Five Behaviors that research has shown that affect the leader-member exchange quality the most are practiced so you can include them in your every day work. This is a one day workshop that provides participants tools to better work w...

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Keep Your Best Staff workshop

If you are an experienced leader and are concerned with possible or actual staff turnover, then this workshop can help. The Five Behaviors that research has shown that affect the leader-member exchange quality the most are practiced so you can include them in your every day work to reduce Voluntary Termination Intention. This is a 70-90 minute work...

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Are they interested in improving? Journal of Medical Practice Management July/August 2020

Supporting team members' improvement is an excellent quality of managers and leaders. For managers, improvement leads to better results. For leaders, assisting team members to improve develops a trusting relationship important to employee motivation and morale. However, team members have to want to improve. Psychological theories of interest are th...

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Dissertation- David F. Smith, Ph.D. – 2016 A Quantitative Study of Relations-oriented Leader Behaviors Related to Voluntary Turnover Intention as Mediated by Leader-member Exchange

Abstract Voluntary turnover of valuable employees is costly in many ways to organizations. Organizational leaders should consider human resource development (HRD) practices to mitigate these expenses. Even the intention to quit without actual departure can be costly. The problem considered here was that there lacked research regarding the use of a ...

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For Eagle Scouts

Download the PDF below Eagle Scouts and the College Admissions Process: How to use your Scouting experience to win the spot We know Scouting is special, and the Eagle Scout Award is evidence of a special Scout. Too bad your college admissions officer couldn't have been at your Court of Honor because then they would know that a Scout is a Leader, is...

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Use Leadership Skills That Apply To Behavioral Economics To Avoid The Sunk Cost Fallacy

Coach Vince Lombardi exhorted his players, telling them, "Winners never quit and quitters never win." Following this advice in a practice can lead to costly problems because sometimes quitting a project is the best option. Not quitting could result in throwing good money after bad. Practice leaders need to be aware of this possibility and use their...

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What You Need to Know Before Adopting Servant Leadership

Abstract Medical practice leaders may be tempted to foster a servant leadership (SL) style of leading. To do this, leaders must understand what SL means and what it contains. Also, an awareness of the difficulty of this goal could temper their enthusiasm. There are great organizations that do exhibit SL throughout their organizations, but it is als...

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Consider Apologizing to Employees

Abstract for Consider Apologizing to Employees (2021) (View and download the article below).Medical practices sometimes make mistakes regarding their employees that cause some or all employees to react with negative attitudes and behaviors. This is a psychological contract breach and is associated with many negative outcomes. A significant way to r...

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Reverse Mentoring Addendum

Material referred to in Los Angeles 10/2/19 File Name: Feb-2019-JFP-Reverse-Mentoring1 File Size: 223 kb Download File Download PDF File Here File Name: Slides1 File Size: 1 mb Download File Download PDF File Here File Name: per-reversing-the-generation-equation1 File Size: 1.3 mb Download File Download PDF File Here

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